How to Maintain Peanut Stone Removing Machine?

Because after a period of use, the peanut stone removing machine will have different degrees of loss, for the normal use of equipment, after using for a period of time, we also need to timely maintain the peanut stone removing machine.
Peanut stone removing machine maintenance and repair:
① regular inspection of the various parts to the stone machine is normal, the peanut picks the various components of the regular inspection, if the natural wear and tear of the parts to be replaced, in order to promptly eliminate the machine a variety of security risks and extend peanut pod Machine life.
② on time for the stone machine filling oil, so that it can effectively reduce the degree of wear and tear of the machine, and clean the soil working parts, coated with butter or waste oil, so as to avoid rust, paint stripping, if any place should be re-painted .
③ to the stone machine rubber or plastic feeding tube, lose pipe, etc. should be removed and then wipe clean, loaded into the box or shelves.
We can also pour sand in the tube or stuffed hay, etc., to avoid extrusion, folding deformation.
④ We also need to check the condition of the diesel engine running; check whether the motor is running more normal, the power cord is not a leakage phenomenon. Also remember to turn the various components to see if their installation protection is in place.
In addition, for the peanut stone remover machine, in the end of the job should be stored, such as paint, rust rust protection paint in need, is exposed to the sun and rain, to extend the service life. In order to make the equipment work better for us, we must do a good job of daily maintenance in the process of using the equipment.
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Peanut Stone Removing Machine

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