How to get pine nuts out of shell?

Although the pine nut kernel is delicious, but because their size is too small and its shell is very hard, so it's very painful to peel the nut shell, but if you have the appropriate pine nut shelling tool, it will be very convenient to get pine nuts out of shell. Pine nut sheller machine is a good equipment to remove the hard shell of pine nuts. Following is the introduction of pine nut shelling machine:

The pine nut shelling sorting unit is our company proprietary intellectual property products, including a number of national patents. It enables the shelling and sorting of pine nuts. The left unshelled pine nuts can be automatically returned to the shelling machine for shelling again, greatly increasing the degree of automation.
The pine nut sheller has the characteristics of low energy consumption, compact structure, small occupation space, less loss of seed kernel, high degree of automation and convenient operation and maintenance. It is an advanced equipment for the pine nut shelling sorting in the world today.

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Pine Nuts Sheller Machine

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