How to quickly shell pine nuts?

Pine nuts are rich in fat, protein, carbohydrates and so on. They are important traditional Chinese medicines, and they also have a high dietary therapeutic value by long term eating and health care, moisturizing skin and prolonging their lives. But because the shell of the pine nut is hard and the volume is small, it is very difficult to go to the shell. Here will tell you a method to quickly shell pine nuts.

Pine nut cracker is the patent product of our company's independent intellectual property rights. The sheller machine is good device to help people quickly shell pine nuts. It consists of hopper, material hoist, hulling machine, seed sorting sieve, sieve plate combination, hopper, cabinet and other equipment. It can carry out the shelling and sorting of the pine nut. The left unshelled grains can be automatically returned to the sheller for the second shelling, which greatly improves the degree of automation.
The pine  has the characteristics of low energy consumption, compact structure, small occupied space, less seed loss, high automation and easy operation and maintenance. It is the advanced equipment of pine seed shelling and sorting in the world nowadays. If you are interested in the machine, just contact us or leave your message.
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Pine Nut Cracker

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